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| 8 July 2014

I am writing this post as my company has just taken off in the public space. Barely a few hours after PROXIBA was launched, a message from a friend in Toronto reached me. “What made you do it?I found her question interesting.

There was no turning point as such, or a decisive moment, as my idol Henri Cartier-Bresson would say. It’s an idea that has been dormant in me for a few months. An incredible desire to build and shape society and the economy in my own way. Continue to say things, but do and build at the same time. In short, to be a communications entrepreneur and take control of my destiny. The idea has always appealed to me, but so far I have found the leap dizzying. I’m still dizzy this morning, believe me, but I realized that at almost 47 years old, I have experience to spare and am full of references and benchmarks.

I also see that I am extremely well surrounded. Relatives and colleagues whom I admire have been there, in very close proximity, for the past few weeks. PROXIBA owes a lot to these “volunteer advisers” who allowed me to better define my business plan. When I put the PROXIBA website online last night, I thought of them with great affection.

There was no decisive moment per se. Rather a series of reflections and observations that all came to fruition at the same time. Thoughts certainly inspired in part by the example of friends who also founded their businesses recently. So thank you Martine, Nicolas, Christian and Sigisbert for showing me that we can reinvent ourselves at any age.

I am so excited as I embark of this new adventure. Stay tuned for the rest of the story, particularly on the various PROXIBA digital platforms.