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| 30 July 2020

Our entire approach to video production is based on four main pillars. We have been championing this approach since our very first clip in 2015. In a nutshell: we think that we have to create for our clients original content, authentic content, strategic content and, true to our firm’s core values, proximity content.

Of course, each video project must be tailored to the specific objectives of a campaign. Form and content will vary from one clip to the other. And as the above demo-reel shows, we have a very wide array of possibilities in our “style book”! Over time we have indeed produced fiction aimed at youngsters for the AXTRA campaign or funny vox pop videos to promote a book in 2015. These were obviously very different from the corporate type interviews or documentary-style stories we produced for the Quartier des lumières real estate project in 2019, or from heart-moving testimonials we shot during the #trouveTAplace campaign for the Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi in Pointe-aux-Trembles in 2017.

Connect with audiences for real

In all these cases, our general approach was the same: we feel that to communicate an idea or an intention to their audiences, spokespeople have to be as natural as possible! Historically, PR firms have attempted to create over-scripted video content, which often sounded fake. We like to take a different route in order to stand out from the crowd, as video consumption over the internet has never been greater.

Increasing popularity of video content

Brands are indeed seeing higher engagement with video communication than ever before and consumers increasingly expect to see quality content from businesses, according to a Hupspot study. In 2018, 87% of consumers said they were willing to watch more videos from brands. And according to a survey conducted by YouTube among 12,000 respondents, the seven main reasons that people watch so many videos in 2020, in priority order, are as follows:

• To relax
• To learn something
• To deepen existing interests
• To laugh
• To discover content related to their personal passions
• To be inspired
• To forget the world around you

It is mainly to satisfy those needs that PROXIBA’s approach has always remained flexible, mobile and authentic over the years. We work in situ. We could even say that we are fanatics of vox pops and spontaneous interviews. That said we never completely improvise. It goes without saying that we accompany our clients from A to Z when they appear in corporate or promotional videos but more often than not, we use our past experience in broadcast journalism to conduct interviews that make our spokespersons shine and garantee they don’t appear too stiff but rather inspire and instill true connections with their audiences.