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| 3 June 2021

Our client Buster Fetcher is proud to launch an innovative partnership with Purolator for shipping across Canada. Under the agreement, current and future Buster Fetcher clients will benefit from a significant reduction in their shipping costs while benefiting from Buster Fetcher’s tailored support in analyzing delivery times and shipping costs.

Located in Quebec City, Buster Fetcher has developed innovative shipping cost management solutions since 2018 and carefully studied the SME marketplace before coming to an agreement with Purolator as the exclusive carrier of the Buster Fetcher Shipping Club, a purchasing group offering a simple discount formula, the only one of its kind in Canada.

For $1 per package, regardless of weight or distance, businesses shipping less than 15,000 packages per year can join a pool of other Buster Fetcher clients and benefit from Purolator’s wholesale rates. These small businesses could see their shipping costs reduced by up to 79%. “Their joining in the Buster Fetcher Shipping Club will help them reach levels they could never reach on their own with no other carrier,” according to Buster Fetcher founder and president, Matt Lessard.

During the pandemic, Buster Fetcher analyzed the data of its 1150 clients and a few things caught Matt Lessard’s attention. “Purolator’s delivery times by far outperformed that of other carriers and its customer service during the health crisis was exemplary. Our data and their interactions with our clients have proved it beyond a doubt.” He adds: “We signed an exclusive agreement with Purolator because they showed genuine care for SMEs during a pandemic that saw online sales surge to levels unheard of.”

Not surprisingly, in 2020, all records in terms of parcel shipping have been shattered. The number of residential deliveries increased by no less than 75% and required hiring 3700 new employees only at Purolator. This situation is not about to change since COVID-19 has sparked the creation of numerous virtual businesses all across Canada.

“For many of these small businesses, the difference between making a profit or not often lies in an excellent control of shipping costs and managing delivery times extremely well”, explains Matt Lessard.

“That’s the reason behind teh creation of Buster Fetcher three years ago. First, to help SMEs claim the reimbursements they are entitled to for late deliveries, and now, to help them get the best possible shipping rates and an overview of their shipping operations with our online analysis tools.”

About Buster Fetcher

Buster Fetcher is a tech company offering innovative shipping cost optimization solutions to Canadian SMEs. Founded in Quebec City in 2018, their mission is to give back power to small-scale entrepreneurs facing logistics and shipping challenges and help them maintain control over their operating costs.

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