Producing authentic videos

| 30 July 2020

Our entire approach to video production is based on four main pillars. We have been championing this approach since our very first clip in 2015.

Beware of the eloquent talker. Elegant action is what really matters. This pandemic makes it even more obvious. During crises, all actions taken, generous or petty, will be magnified and will mark the reputation of organizations and their leaders for a very long time. Eric BARBEAU

Leadership in times of crisis

| 29 April 2020

Three reasons to use emojis

| 19 July 2019

From their origin in Japan 20 years ago to their almost omnipresence on all our screens, these funny pictograms, which some experts describe as descendants of hieroglyphs, have become unavoidable.

Four trends in corporate philanthropy

| 19 June 2019

When you think of causes like mental health, access to summer camps for disadvantaged kids or shelter for the homeless, what companies spontaneously come to mind?

How C2 made PROXIBA better

| 22 May 2019

I’m not embarassed to say it. The C2 Montréal conference changed my life and shaped PROXIBA. More than once.

In our line of work, we absolutely must learn how to translate concepts into symbols, because despite thousands of years of writing evolution, images and emotions still have the upper hand! It’s as if cellphones and social media have paved the way for a return in full force of the hieroglyph. Eric BARBEAU

July 17 is International Emoji Day

| 17 July 2018
Journalists like to bash on what they call “spin doctors”. Truth be told: clients would not need PR specialists to craft “key messages” if the media would agree to use substantial quotes that are longer than seven words or last for more than five seconds. Eric Barbeau


| 13 April 2018

Ideas for the day after

| 9 March 2018

Yesterday should not have been about flowers and chocolate. International Women’s Day, should it be reminded, highlights the fight for women’s rights and a reduction in inequalities compared to men.

For teams to be able to continually think outside the box, their leaders must commit to letting them play outside the box. To invent, you need fun, time and space. Eric Barbeau

Outside the Box

| 1 March 2018

Six rules for limitless creativity

| 23 February 2018

I am often asked what makes PROXIBA’s projects stand out in terms of creativity and what is our approach. I like to tell our clients that if you really want teams to think outside the box, you have to commit to letting them play outside the box.