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Native Touch acquires Candy Banners

| 25 February 2021

We are very happy to report that our client Native Touch, a Canadian leader in mobile advertising technology, has announced the acquisition of Toronto digital creative studio Candy Banners. Candy Banners will retain its unique brand and culture and will continue to operate as a standalone company.

Solidarity with Montréal’s homeless

| 4 February 2021

When the government lock down came into effect last March, a popular Bright Vibes post on LinkedIn grabbed my attention. “Here are two good reasons to enjoy teleworking: you have work and you have a home. Everything else is a bonus.“

Beware of the eloquent talker. Elegant action is what really matters. This pandemic makes it even more obvious. During crises, all actions taken, generous or petty, will be magnified and will mark the reputation of organizations and their leaders for a very long time. Eric BARBEAU

Leadership in times of crisis

| 29 April 2020

Four trends in corporate philanthropy

| 19 June 2019

When you think of causes like mental health, access to summer camps for disadvantaged kids or shelter for the homeless, what companies spontaneously come to mind?

How C2 made PROXIBA better

| 22 May 2019

I’m not embarassed to say it. The C2 Montréal conference changed my life and shaped PROXIBA. More than once.

Ideas for the day after

| 9 March 2018

Yesterday should not have been about flowers and chocolate. International Women’s Day, should it be reminded, highlights the fight for women’s rights and a reduction in inequalities compared to men.

Six rules for limitless creativity

| 23 February 2018

I am often asked what makes PROXIBA’s projects stand out in terms of creativity and what is our approach. I like to tell our clients that if you really want teams to think outside the box, you have to commit to letting them play outside the box.

A perfect invitation

| 25 July 2014

The perfect invitation should always come at the right time in a relationship. Kind of like a natural milestone, among many, marking an ongoing dialogue. “I really enjoyed our conversation. We should pursue it soon. Can I call you?“

The decisive moment

| 8 July 2014

I am writing this post as my company has just taken off in the public space. Barely a few hours after PROXIBA was launched, a message from a friend in Toronto reached me. “What made you do it?”