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“I have already given PROXIBA a few mandates and I have been greatly satisfied every time. Whether for public relations or content creation, I highly recommend the work of Eric Barbeau. What I particularly like is that he is not one of those professionals who blindly executes our requests. You don't necessarily want to hear that all of your ideas are good when you do business with a specialist; you want to know that you will reap the benefits of his experience! Eric is exactly the kind of expert who not only gives valuable advice, but who also enhances our own ideas.” - Mathieu LESSARD
“Great experience with PROXIBA supporting Groupe Mach with a project in Gatineau! Eric Barbeau assisted us with public relations for a mixed project in downtown Hull, as part of the municipal approval process. He helped us with meetings with the various stakeholders and organized an information evening for neighbourhood citizens and businesspeople. A web platform was created to facilitate the dissemination of information and for registrations. Invitations were mailed out, with follow-up to ensure that all those qualified to vote could attend the evening. Following this, a report was written and submitted to the city, which greatly enhanced the social aspect of the project. We continue to work with PROXIBA on multiple other projects and are always very satisfied. It does professional and quality work. - Lizane PROIETTI
“Eric Barbeau’s extensive knowledge of the media environment and communications skills enabled rapid and appropriate reactions during management of a reputation crisis. He showed tremendous availability and real involvement, a kind of dedication that is rare, regardless of profession. He literally immersed in our business to ensure that communications were clear, accurate and efficient. Most notable was is his non-negotiable desire to work within the framework of integrity and respect of facts. This distinguishes him from other consultants and such values, his professionalism and dedication are the main qualities that I highlight when I refer his firm. - Yves CORMIER
“Eric provides accessible and very personalized training. After a few hours of training, employees were more confident and their communications were more fluid and precise. Excellent return on investment! - Marie-Josée MATHIEU
“It’s a pleasure to work with PROXIBA. Eric Barbeau and his team have given us an effective communications strategy and perfectly adapted communications tools, including a complete overhaul of our website. They quickly understood our legal firm’s communications issues and remain easy to reach to quickly provide us with analyses and advice.” - Bernard COLAS  ”
“Thanks to PROXIBA's expertise in digital communications and social media, our popular science portal Substance ÉTS significantly increased its visitor traffic in a few months. The keen sense of strategy and the openness of PROXIBA employees to transferring their specialized knowledge to our team make them the partners of choice, whether it is for support in social media or advice regarding traditional media. Not only has PROXIBA enabled us to exceed our objectives by generating substantial international influence, but its people have also helped us to create personalized and efficient measurement tools.” - Gino BÉLANGER
“The thoroughness, professionalism and personal warmth of PROXIBA's President, Eric Barbeau, make him a partner of choice in business communications, in particular for simplifying complex content. Mr. Barbeau acted as moderator of our training-employment forum. The subject was dense and the room brought together close to a hundred experts in the field. His remarks and leadership really helped to enhance the quality and relevance of the event debates. I enthusiastically recommend PROXIBA.” - Benoît MALRIC
“If you were to list all the attributes of the perfect PR person, you would be describing Eric. I witnessed Eric's presentations during sales meetings as well as at less formal business events and his demeanour was always impeccable. He was an excellent Québec representative at SEUS-CP economic missions in Fredericton and Myrtle Beach and during a week-long mission to Texas in the municipal sector. I am convinced that many participants in economic missions abroad would benefit from drawing on his experience and his communications skills. Never pushy, always concise, thorough, and thoughtful, he made clients feel good. Top notch!” - Louise FORTIN