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Inspired by the C2 method, we love hosting employee meetings, supervising management brainstorming or facilitating design thinking workshops for large groups of employees or citizens.

Creative know-how

Relying on our know-how and our stakeholder management skills, we rally together people who may have different interests at the start and help them converge toward the best solution for the common good. This can take the form of town hall meetings, inter-divisional meetings in SMEs, public hearings or general meetings called to find solutions to complex problems.

On the strength of our creativity and ability to create quality content, we can also organize employee meetings outside of your office as an all-inclusive package and create creative programming that will deliver results and encourage your teams to “think outside the box.”

In all cases, our mission is to organize and structure a productive dialogue between stakeholders.

Design Thinking is all about learning from doing, that’s how we evolve to the best solution. – Tim BROWN